LGKS – it’s a wrap

Well, that’s that then, back to normal. The bike’s had its post-trip service, my riding gear has been washed, and … and … what? Happy to be ‘home’ in the UK? Not really. I stopped for a burger at Ryka’s on the way back from the tunnel, and for the first time in two weeks I ordered food in the same language as the person serving me. She was miserable, the food was crap. Decide to go for a trail ride while I’ve still got the luggage on so I check out a couple of green lanes around Dorking. Get verbally abused by a guy on a push-bike despite having every right to be there, I was even going slower than him! Suddenly it’s everywhere – bad driving, shoddy service, indifferent and unsmiling people. Pointless signs telling you to stay off the grass and that smoking in these premises is an offence. It’s a bus stop for fuck’s sake!

I expect that with time I’ll get reacquainted with the petty officiousness that governs British life, though I know flicking through the holiday snaps isn’t going to help. To that end I’ve made a short video of the best bits from this trip, and jotted down a few notes on the equipment I used along the way. Enjoy.

Total distance: 277.18 mi
Max elevation: 221 m
Min elevation: -11 m
Total time: 05:52:02