Fridge Raid with Olympus E-M5

Ever since I first heard about the E-M5’s “Live Bulb” feature I’ve had one thing on my mind: lightpainting. By way of explanation, Live Bulb is essentially the same as regular bulb photography but with one major difference: while the shutter is open and the exposure is in progress you can actually watch it forming on the LCD. How amazingly simple is that!? Take the guesswork out of long exposure photography and cut your trial-and-error time right down with a feature so brilliant it’s a wonder none of the other manufacturers have come up with it yet.

Oh, and the fridge raid? When I saw what happened to my garlic yesterday I knew it was the perfect subject for a little creative lightpainting, though the beer may have helped. The picture below was my second attempt in a darkened room using an LED Maglite. While I was there I also had a go with the D800, and sure, the overall image was superior in terms of resolution, colour and noise, but it took quite a bit longer than the E-M5 to get the exposure just right.

A clove of not-so-fresh garlic which has started to sprout