Monthly Archives: October 2014

The King is Dead, long live The King!

R1200GS TE Alpine White on a Welsh mountain road

Out with the old, in with the new. Sad times as I leave behind my most faithful companion over many a European mile, glad times in the form of a brand new R1200GS TE in Alpine White. And a weekend in Wales to get to know each other.

Surrey Hills Trail Ride

Dual sport Suzuki parked a the side of a wet trail running through an autumnal forest scene

If there’s a better way to spend a Sunday than rodeo-riding a bucking trail bike up wet chalky ruts covered in leaves, I don’t want to know about it. Whether blasting through muddy puddles or trickling along lonely, rocky lanes, multi-coloured trees linking branches over your head and showering you in organic autumn confetti, a trail ride through Surrey’s last few legal lanes is a tonic for the soul and a workout for the body. Let’s get dirty!