S.T. Cevic Shipwreck, Ramsey

Another sad but photogenic shipwreck is to be found just below Ramsey near Port Lewaigue. Originally launched on 8th June 1895 in North Shields, Cevic was transferred to Fleetwood for use as a Steam Trawler. During March 197 she was fortified through the addition of a Hotchkiss 6-pounder naval gun, which was presumably removed before she was sold on to The Cevic Steam Fishing Co Ltd in July 1924.

S.T. Cevic at rest near Ramsey

On 25th July she was anchored in Ramsey Bay for shelter from rough weather, with the skipper and three crew ashore and unable to return to the vessel until conditions improved. Unfortunately that would never happen. The next day, Cevic’s 2nd Engineer boarded the punt that had been secured alongside in order to stop it taking on more water, and was unfortunately cast adrift in the small craft. With no officers on board, the remaining crew decided to weigh anchor and pursue the 2nd Engineer in his punt, which unknown to them had drifted ashore. Unable to find their target the Cevic was put to anchor off Ramsey Beach, but the anchor failed to hold and she was wrecked on rocks to the south of Ramsey.