Day 13: Montaigu le Blin

Having passed a most agreeable night I decided that I would stay at Les Voisins for a second day. Central and northern France just don’t have the draw I was expecting after almost two weeks on the road, and I’m looking forward to getting home to spend time with friends and family, not to mention the good folks at Haras de Chambly.

So today I caught up on the blog, did some washing, and went for a ride in the afternoon on what turned out to be a fruitless hunt for food and a bank / post office that would change Sterling. Even the inviting run-down castle next to camp is off-limits as people still live there, but, because I can’t do a day without taking pictures, have some snapshots of the campsite instead.

Total distance: 33.73 mi
Max elevation: 323 m
Min elevation: 233 m
Total time: 01:55:51