Fridge Raid with Olympus E-M5

Ever since I first heard about the E-M5’s “Live Bulb” feature I’ve had one thing on my mind: lightpainting. By way of explanation, Live Bulb is essentially the same as regular bulb photography but with one major difference: while the…

London to Paris on the Avenue Verte

A biker (not sunburnt at all) stands in front of the Eiffel Tower with a blue bike

Sounds impressive, but cycling to Paris is easier than you’d think. The route uses established cycle paths, most of it is flat, and some is even traffic free. In fact it’s so popular that a small tourist industry has sprung up, ensuring you’re never far from a loo or a cafe. The best bit? A large chunk of distance is knocked out by the ferry, leaving you with a ride that Mum could do on her shopper.

Tour Day 2: Pripyat and Kiev

A stark black and white image showing a neo-brutalist concrete building

Our third day in the exclusion zone starts with the now familiar breakfast, blue skies, and bright sunshine. Conditions aren’t ideal for the brooding images I had hoped for as we planned this trip, only Darren is happy since the weather couldn’t…

Our arrival in the Exclusion Zone

Detail photo of research base in Chernobyl showing 4 windows and part of a street light

Day One sees our intrepid adventurers travel to Kiev via London, pass security checkpoints manned by armed guards, and enter the officially designated “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation” for our most ambitious UrbEx photography project to date. We’ll be spending two and a half days in Chornobyl, mostly visiting the countryside around the power plant and in particular Pripyat, an “atomograd” city for 50,000 inhabitants abandoned since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986.

Laverstoke Mill, Hampshire

A narrow footway across a stream

Started by a determined young French aristocrat smuggled to British shores, Laverstoke Mill went on to manufacture paper for England’s bank notes. Today it’s the home of Bombay Sapphire gin. Join our intrepid photographer on a cold May morning in 2010 for a tour with a difference.

Aniezo to Santander

Spectacular mountain road passes through an impossible arch on a bend before doubling back on itself and dropping steeply away

Since I didn’t have to take down a tent or pack the bike I treated myself to a lie-in, all the way to 10:00. Following a traditional European breakfast, I spent another two hours speaking with John about life in…

Aniezo, final night

Scenic dirt track leads away to mountains on horizon in late afternoon sun

After my fuel stop in Espinilla I carry on south to Aguillar de Campoo, which is as far South as I’ll be going today. The roads here are open, and for the first time I enjoy 3 figure speeds on a…


Biker sits on the floor against a fence in a petrol station, looks very hot

I stop for fuel near Espinilla and get a decent thankful – the attendant knows his craft. Making use of the petrol station’s shade I decide to try a can of Kas Limon, a lemony drink that’s not too fizzy and…

Leaving Llavandes

A plastic table for four stands on a deserted patio in the midday sun, blue skies and mountains in the background

I wake up late morning and make tea on the stove, which at first fires up OK but then cuts out and resists all attempts to ignite the seemingly inert gas. The jet is taken out and cleaned but to…